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Automate your local dev configuration in style on a personal, work or any other machine.


Control the following items from a Git backed repository:

  • .dotfiles


· Incentive
· Solution
· dotfiles
· Homebrew packages / casks
· macOS settings override
· Demo
· Summary

What is a .dotfile? It is a standard text file usually located within the $HOME folder. It contains a dot prefix in its name and is a hidden file which you can list with ls -a on a *nix system.

What is a Homebrew package / cask? Homebrew is…

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Installation instructions for setting up a local Raspberry Pi cluster at your home desk.

· Operating System on SD Card
· Network Setup
· RPi Configuration
· SSH Config
RPi Server
· Verification
· Summary

Note: For the time this post was published, there isn’t an official Raspberry Pi OS image that supports a 64 bit system. There are beta versions but with limitations. This blog post won’t cover them until officially released.

Operating System on SD Card

  1. Connect the SD card to your local machine (laptop / desktop)

Zachi Nachshon

Software Architect and DevOps Engineer. Passionate technologist, OSS enthusiast and Raspberry Pi addict —

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